What’s this all about?


Communicating Economics is a project aimed at improving the communication of economics.


We will be providing tools and tips for economists, the media and anyone who works in between. We plan to update weekly.


This blog is a response to the cry: ‘Economists need to do better at communication!’


Whatever your view on what is going on in the world, economists need to be part of the debate. If that is something you agree with, please join us.


What’s in it for me?


‘That all sounds nice — but what’s in it for me?’ we hear you ask…


Tools and tips you may find useful include:


– Translating economics into English

– How to write a press release

– Top tips for interviews

– Building a media profile

– Making the most of video

– Navigating social media

– Case studies of what works – and what doesn’t

– Harnessing the power of stories

– Insights from leading economists, journalists and policymakers

– & more



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Is there something missing from our list? Please let us know.


Who’s behind all of this?


Communicating Economics is run by economics writer and media consultant Romesh Vaitilingam and Bob Denham of Econ Films, a production company specialising in film and video about economics.



We have combined more than 30 years of experience in the area of communicating economics.



We realise there is a limit to what we can do by ourselves – so we have decided to share tools and tips with the aim of helping improve the overall communication of economics.



Want to know more? Read our opening post here.



Want to get in touch with us? Contact us here.



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