Of all the words economists say in interviews, the word that grates the most is the word ‘interesting’ – “We have an interesting finding… another interesting result is that… what is interesting about this study is…”



Why such dislike for the word interesting? To see my point I will start by sharing a funny video.






Now, that scene of Maximus announcing his vengeance in this life or the next is an awesome piece of cinema. But is it funny? No. Did my saying ‘a funny video’ make it funny? No.


You, the audience, are the only judge of whether something is funny or not – and no matter what I say I can’t convince you otherwise. Indeed, me saying something is funny – and it turning out not to be – may even have annoyed you or made you feel cheated or disappointed. In this case, my deception is intentional to prove a point. But you are now probably less trusting of me.


That’s fine – I’ll live with it – because the purpose of this blog is to make a point about the word ‘interesting’.


If something is interesting, don’t tell us it is interesting. Make it interesting!


For tips and tricks on how to make something interesting follow this site.


In the meantime, please please please don’t use the word interesting!