We spoke to mega-blogger Alex Tabarrok (Marginal Revolution) about his experience of running an economics blog.


As one of the top bloggers on economics, his experience is worth listening to.



Keep readers engaged by keeping everything quick


Alex says it can take him hours to write a single blog post, and that’s all about getting the point across as quickly as possible before the reader gets bored and moves on to another site.


Think about your audience: if you have a hundred readers and can save a minute of their time by really explaining the point clearly, then it makes sense to spend 100 minutes making sure that point is as clear as it can be.


Go for a niche


It’s difficult to compete with the likes of Krugman on the exact same topics, but you should try finding a niche that matches your skill set. Choose a specific area to cover or cover an area in a new or novel way – it can be as simple as blogging in a language other than English.


Keep on practicing


If you’ve had any experience writing essays – or marking them! – you will know that nobody starts off as a brilliant writer. They all need to practice. Practice your writing over and over and you’ll become better at it. To help you, look around at what makes a successful article – think about the writing style, but also other things that you can do with blogs: be it using videos, SEO or just making sure to include a relevant picture!


This interview was conducted in summer 2017.