We spoke to mega-blogger Alex Tabarrok (Marginal Revolution) about running a blog, the usefulness of blogging and whether expert opinions are being ignored.

Marginal Revolution, the blog that Alex writes along with Tyler Cowen, is by most measures one of the most popular blogs on economics in the world. When it comes to blogging, Alex is a man worth listening to. You can watch the full video below, or scroll down to read our overall summary.



Find a way to be different


At this stage in the game there are already a lot of economics bloggers out there covering micro, macro and everything in between. If you’re thinking of “competing” with them, you really need to think of something to offer that nobody else is – whether it’s being a bit more specific with your focus, or even blogging in a language that nobody else is writing in.


Get your point across quickly


Even major blogs face the problem that their readers can “abandon” them with the click of a mouse, so you’ve got to make sure they understand your point as quickly as possible. If you’ve got enough readers on each article, it’s even worth working out the trade-off between how much time you put into cutting down an article and how much time your readers will collectively save – if the latter would outweigh the former, go for it!


We should be careful about repeating the errors of the past


Alex compares the current backlash against the “elites” to the end of classical economics, as well as the wars and crisis that followed. The recent golden age of globalisation has lifted living standards for countless people, but we might be about to suffer the same backlashes as before.


This interview was conducted in summer 2017.